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Yes another KKM post, but as a devout fan, who wouldn’t be this excited? Be warned, this may contain spoilers though I’ll try not to, it’ll mostly be for the OVA.

That’s right, Yuri’s adventures continue. Same old feel, but new plots await. Just as you’d expect a series running this long to go dry, they grab your heart, tear it out through your eye sockets and then brutally beat it in front of your eyes. But… don’t worry, in a good way.

Though now that Yuri’s parents know openly, it is a little weird feeling, but it’s adorable to see how excited Jennifer gets over her new son-in-law-to-be. The relationship between Yuri and Wolfram is still slow, but still blossoming. Which is refreshing to see that in a world overflown by Yaoi, and meaningless relationships going instantly into the fanservice, they’re slow, somewhat still in denial relationship still takes it’s time. Sure everyone would like to see them kiss someday, but I personally don’t want it to be forced and faked like a lot are (the kiss in the OVA doesn’t count because it wasn’t even Wolfram, nor was it emotional or wanted…. you didn’t even see it)

Now, I’ll resist making this a very long post because, if I do, it’ll let too much out. And as early in the season as it is I really don’t want to do that.

But go enjoy what they do have out now! Oooon




You need an account on both sites, but CrunchyRoll has better quality and less spam as far as I’m concerned. (If you make an account on Veoh DON’T download the player onto your computer unless you have Vista. You don’t need the player to watch things on the site. And I don’t know how it works on Vista, but anything lower gets viruses and problems galore. Both times I’ve downloaded it on both a messed up comp, and a brand new clean one, problems didn’t arise until it was there.)

and if you need to watch the first two seasons, check out


You don’t need an account, even though it’s slow to load, and videos are streamed from Veoh, it’s a b—- to find all the episodes on Veoh directly XD



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