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Lucky Channel!

Only not really. So I started watching Lucky Star a couple of months ago because it just seemed so intriguing [you’re looking at a hardcore Azumanga Daioh fan]. Though I am sad to say I’m late on the Lucky Star hype.

Lucky Star is mixed with pointless conversations, numerous anime references [mostly of Haruhi Suzumiya], and its just ‘moetastic’! What is moe, you wonder? Watch more anime. XD [And no, I don’t think Kyoto Animation relies on ‘moe’ to be popular]


So the first episode was cute. 10 minutes of asking each other how they eat certain foods. For a while it was cute but then it kinda got old; I stopped watching for a while. But I’m glad I continued and finished it, it was truly well done. I have to say that this anime is for any ‘otaku’ or someone who has patience. Though this doesn’t exactly have an Evangelion plotline, just the fact its full of many different references to many different anime makes you able to relate to it. Konata, one of the main characters, is your average otaku, ready to talk about dating sims, late night anime shows, card games, Haruhi, and will even recite every Pokémon.

lucky-star-20-large-10.jpg I think that people were disappointed in Lucky Star because they stopped at the first episode thinking it would be the next Haruhi. Even though they were both from Kyoto Animation and the fact that the advertising had Konata and Haruhi made people think it would be just that. But they were wrong, so I’m sure it rubbed the wrong way on them. I, on the other hand, wasn’t so disappointed on account of not seeing all the advertisements, so I was safe. But I don’t see how people can just bash the anime when they only saw episode one out of twenty-four. I mean, most of the time in anime the story hasn’t even started then. They already have so much to introduce.

luckystar.jpgWith Lucky Star, it was more of just people living their life.. I mean I’m sure you have gotten into some wierd conversation that has gone on for a while with your friends, no?



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