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Final Fantasy X party Renmiri Yojuyogo Hasatekanae Kutamae The hymn of Faith, a song that somehow seems to be comforting, even to a simple player who has no ties with Yu Yevon at all.

On the outside, this game seems overatted, with a shallow excuse for characters and mindless, pointless gameplay such as Blitzball. (Which I hate as much as the next guy, but I can admit it seems to give it a more life like feel. Like how we have sports in our world.) And as much as I may get in trouble for posting about this (Yushi hates FF >_>) I felt I had to share my experiences with it after the third play through, and what seems to be my current obsession.

Originally, I liked the game just cause it was a new FFX and had cool graphics, of course I was about 11 at the time. Then I grew up and joined the bandwagon of haters, because it did just seem like an empty plot. But now that I’ve matured and have played it over again, paying much more attention than the last couple times I can tell you it isn’t overrated as far as story goes. There’s a lot of things I don’t like about the fandom, but that’s just it, it’s just a fandom. So let’s get into the more deeper parts of the game shall we?

First, let’s get Tidus out of the away. Annoying whiny brat? or just a kid who’s frustrated with his drunk dead beat dad? Well… it’s a bit of both. But paying more attention to his background, I can understand WHY he’s the way he is and can relate to him on the whole father loathing issue. Sure I still can’t stand him, but I respect him a helluva lot more.

Yuna, really isn’t as annoying in this game as a remember her to be. She’s noble, stubborn and polite. Rarely whines, and does everything for herself never asking for help. I remember I used to compare her to Shana from the Legend of Dragoon as far as useless, whiny characters went, but now I see she’s far from it. The only thing really similar is their hairstyle. FFX-2 is what ruined Yuna’s image. Cause let’s face it, the pop idol Charlie’s angel? That ain’t her. Even two years of hate and regret towards Yevon wouldn’t do that to someone like Yuna.

I can’t tell if I like or hate Wakka, he really goes back and forth for me. Lulu has to be one of my favourite characters, and I just want to hug Kimahri. Auron seems like the wise old Bard of the game in a warriors clothes, and Rikku, though annoying again, is WAY different compared to x-2 version that killed her image.

I could tell that Yevon and the Yevonites (heh, sounds like a silly band name) seemed to portray the struggle with an average person and Christianity. Though I know a lot of people would probably disagree with me on this, or call it disrespectful and mean to *gasp* say something bad about the most popular religion in the world. I just have to bring it up. The lies, selfishness, twisted teachings that change however way they wish just so it can be more convenient to control the world strikes far too many similarities for me. They don’t let you do much, even if it’s good, just because the teachings say so. You’re looked down upon if you’re different or do something they don’t like. They even have the typical Bible thum- er. Yevon thumping young preacher, Miss Shelinda. And let’s not forget the biggest clue…. Sin.No set amount of them, no disguising it. It’s just bluntly called Sin. And of course, they have to go and blame humanity on Sin’s appearance instead of just having an unexplained tragedy like life is full of. Coincidence? I think not.

Religion rant aside, though the game seems like it has just a bunch of confusion and randomness, and at first the ending just seemed like you were left with something that didn’t make sense and left an open plot hole. When you pay more attention you understand it a lot more, and see that it really does have significance. Though still confusing to a point, not everything has to make sense all the time. That’s life after all, isn’t it? Yuna& Tidus


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